Dress Code and Rules

Dress Code

The purpose of Camp Inagehi’s dress code is to create an atmosphere where young men and young women can escape typical worldly distractions. Our campers should be able to focus their hearts on God and His Word. We recognize that certain types of clothing can cause others to stumble, so in order to prevent this, please dress modestly and abide by the following requirements.

1. All shorts, skirts, dresses, and the like must touch the top of the knee when standing.
2. All tops (T’s, jerseys, blouses, etc.) must cover both shoulders and cover the back.
3. All tops (T’s, jerseys, blouses, etc.) must cover the entire stomach area, and must make contact with pants, skirts, shorts, etc..
4. Tight fitting clothes such as spandex, leggings, tights, etc. must be covered by clothing described in rule #1.
5. Clothes must cover undergarments when standing, sitting, and bending.
6. Clothing that promotes alcohol, drugs, or immoral behavior are not permitted.
7. Clothing or accessories that imply themes related to sex, drugs, alcohol, tobacco, violence, vulgar language, or any other immoral behavior are not permitted.
8. Any clothing deemed to be immodest or indecent by the camp director is not permitted.


1. Follow the Dress Code above
2. Attendance to class, chapel and other activities is required. Non-swimmers must stay at the pool during their swimming periods. Campers should be in cabins only at approved times.
3. No dancing, tobacco of any form, drugs or immoral behavior is acceptable.
4. Showering, brushing of teeth and clean clothes (including under clothes) is required.
5. Every camper is responsible for the appearance of his/her cabin. Cabin inspection will be made each day. Awards will be made based upon cleanliness and neatness.
6. Campers who bring cars must turn keys over to the camp director.
7. Campers may not leave camp at any time except with prior approval of the director.
8. Campers may not seclude themselves from others.
9. Each cabin must clean the shower house and share in KP duty at least once during the week according to the schedule which will be developed.
10. No littering. Adequate trash cans are provided. Help keep the camp clean.
11. At no time will the boys be allowed in the girl’s area or the girls in the boy’s area.
12. Raiding of other cabins will not be allowed.
13. All adult staff member are to be obeyed at all times.
14. Lights out will be observed.
15. The telephone is for staff use only. No camper will be allowed to use it except in extreme emergency.
16. Boys are not allowed in the girls village and girls are not allowed in the boys village during camp. There is no mixed swimming allowed.

  • When does registration open?

    Registration usually opens around the 1st of April. Check back often or follow us on Facebook to find out when it opens.

  • How do you handle medication for campers?

    You can bring medication with you but we ask that it is in the original container and it be a valid prescription if prescribed. We also allow over the counter medication to be brought. All medication will be given to the nurse on the day of checkin and administered during meal times.

  • Will my camper need money at camp?

    Your camper will not need money at camp. All fees are taken care of during registration including canteen and the camp t-shirt.

  • Can my camper bring their own food?

    Snacks are allowed but please do not bring a lot of junk food. Also, if your child has a special dietary need that camp cannot support you can bring food for them to eat through out the week.

  • When is drop off?

    Overnight Camp - drop off for overnight camp is on Sunday of each week. Check-in opens at 3:00 pm and ends at 5:00 pm. Please be sure to call or email us if you cannot make it within this time period.
    Day Camp - check in begins on Monday at 9 am and ends at 9:30 am.

  • When is pick up?

    Overnight Camp - pick up depends upon the week your child is attending. Many times pick up is after the awards ceremony Friday night. We try to have all children out of the camp ground by 9 pm.
    Day Camp - pick up is between 3:30 - 4 pm each day.

  • Do you have lifeguards?

    We have on staff a lifeguard that has received training and holds a certification from the American Red Cross. There is no swimming allowed unless a lifeguard is on duty.

  • What does my camper need to bring?

    Checkout our packing list for a great list of things to bring. Open Checklist