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Camp Inagehi is located on 33 beautiful acres in Douglasville, GA. Camp is a non-profit organization funded entirely by camp fees and the donation of individuals and Churches who are interested in Christian camping. The camp is owned and operated by the Camp Inagehi Board of Directors consisting of members of area churches of Christ. Campers are accepted regardless of race, creed, or religious affiliations.

We invite you to come learn about God in the midst of His creation while having fun in a Christian environment! Take a look around the site and learn what Camp Inagehi is all about. See what you can look forward to when you come to Camp Inagehi! If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.
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Our History

Camp Inagehi is located on approximately 33 acres in Douglasville, GA, about 20 minutes west of Atlanta. It was founded as a place that boys and girls could go to learn about God in the midst of His creation while having fun in a Christian environment. The camp has been in existence since 1954, when it was called Atlanta Bible Camp and met at Camp Waco, a Boy Scout camp in Waco, GA.

In 1963 the Board of Directors located the property in Douglasville and the current facility was built. Pat Hicks, Bill Long, Roger McKenzie Sr. and Alvis Miller walked the property and decided that they wanted it for the camp. They wrote a makeshift contract on a brown paper sack that they found in order to hold the property until they could get a lawyer to write a formal contract. Local congregations each volunteered to build one of the ten cabins, bathhouses and the creek was dammed to build the lake. The camp was named “Inagehi”, which means “dwelling in the wilderness”.

The original dining hall was the old Lawson Army Chapel. Volunteers disassembled it and brought it to the camp. There it was re-assembled under the direction of Richard Wagner. The dining hall served as the hub of the camp activities until April of 1990 when it was lost in a fire. This was the lowest point in the camp’s history, when it was almost lost. Financial troubles followed and support waned. However, a few hard working board members and supporters, under the direction of Board of Directors president Richard Wheeler, pressed on and, with God’s blessings, were able to keep the camp operating without interruption. Now the camp is in its best financial shape since before the fire, support is increasing, and a new dining hall was constructed, and the Lord continues to bless the work.

Over the last decade, we have made substantial improvements to the camp facilities. The improvements include a new craft hut, staff quarters and a new nurse’s station, a new canteen, garage, girls bathhouse addition, the Freeman Memorial Chapel, staff office and kitchen addition, and a new Memorial Archway. We look forward to many more improvements as we strive to provide the best environment for learning about God.

Over the years, hundreds of young people have been baptized in the swimming pool at camp. It has always been the highlight of any camp week to see someone become a child of God. The relationships that are developed at camp are its most enduring legacy. Many have formed lifetime friendships and some have even met their future spouses. There are now children attending camp whose parents met there. May our God continue to bless this good work and be glorified by it!

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