All I can say is WOW, we had such an amazing year! One would think since summer is coming to an end so is Camp but that is far from true. One of the next big events is our Fall Retreat coming up in October. We are all looking forward to this great retreat in the Fall. Nothing is better than being in God's creation during the fall. We have done a lot of work this year in our hopes to better serve our campers. 

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We have...


We have grown year over year in our camp attendance.  
Since 2006 we have seen many years of growth at camp Inagehi. We look forward to see what God has in store for us.


We have an estableshed presence among our area churches of Christ.
We look forward to adding more churches to our work as we reach out all across Atlanta areas.


We have always put our focus in our Campers.
We want them to all feel welcomed and loved when they are here with us at camp. We look forward to enriching our young people's lives with valuable tools for their life.


We have created a great environment for our campers to learn and worship. 
We have worked to create an environment with no interuptions so our campers can come to know God as well as feel safe among other kids their age.